Our origins

The origins of Casa Barrera date back to 1929 and the artisanal tradition of Gata de Gorgos. From wicker and palm products has evolved over time to work today with all kinds of materials, such as wood, brass, forging, plant fibers... Never forgetting, the wicker and the palm of its beginnings.

Alberto Fornés, father of Dora, the current manager, was one of the first entrepreneurs to go to Asian countries to buy, which made Casa Barrera a pioneer in the world of import into Spain. On one of his trips to communist China, he was accompanied by his daughter Dora, who was only 17 years old and soaked up everything he saw to dump him in the future of the company.


Today it is distinguished by the customization of products imported from all over the world, mainly from Asia, thanks to the overflowing creativity of Dora, third generation already of the Fornés family.

Casa Barrera was born and raised in Jesús Pobre and in 2001 moved to Dénia to enjoy more spacious and modern facilities in which today a team of 20 people works. Among other projects it carries out, is the conception in 2002 of the Maluca line, the brand of handbags and accessories that is sweeping nationally and internationally. Above all, in the numerous fairs that you tour every year in and out of Spain.